Duromax XP4850EH Generator Review

There’s no getting past your reliance on electrical power. Even when you’re living off-grid, you need some of the basic comforts of modern life. If nothing else, you’ll want to chase the shadows away so that you don’t grow dependent on the setting sun. Stop being a slave to the solar cycle by purchasing a portable generator. Intended as a backup power provider or an out-of-town convenience, the DuroMax XP4850EH is your reliable electrical power source, one that comes with some cool extras. Let’s start with the key features, beginning with the versatility of the dual fuel capability.
Let’s face it, you can load a mobile electrical generator with all the bells and whistles, but what you’re really seeking is a reliable power source, one that chugs powerfully to life as soon as you trigger the starter. The DuroMax XP4850EH offers dependable operation from the moment you unbox the 130-lb heavy-duty frame. On the label, you’ll see the model number for the product, a code that translates into pure starting Watts. Next, you’re tempted to check out the dual fuel capability, but let’s look at the machine specs first. There are 3 power outlets installed on a clearly labelled control panel here, plus a key start control. What else is there to discover on and around the XP4850EH?


  • Dimensions: 19 x 24 x 19 in
  • Weight: 130-lbs
  • Wattage: 4850-Watts starting and 3850 running
  • Output: 120-Volt/240-Volt
  • Engine Features: 7.0 HP OHV engine (Air-cooled)
  • Engine Displacement: 210-cc
  • Fuel: 4-Gallons of Propane/Gasoline
  • Tank Run Time: 20-hours on Propane and 8-hours on Gasoline
  • Noise Level: 69-dB
  • Integrated Inverter: No
  • Starter Type: Keyed electric start and a backup recoil start

A perfect backup generator for emergency situations. It also easily handles larger appliances, after-hours work, and recreational activities.

Power Output

The DuroMax XP4850EH positions 3 power outlets on the far right of its easy to read control panel. Check out the two 120-Volt, 20-Amp, sockets. They feed alternator power to the rugged 3-prong outlets, so you know your chosen appliance will snugly slide into these sockets and hold firm. Positioned one atop the other, they don’t take up much space on the control panel, which is just as well because a rounded 120-Volt/240-Volt, 30-Amp twist-lock socket also has a place of prominence on that electrical board. Capable of satisfying the most demanding backup power duties, that latter outlet makes a fine emergency power lifeline.

Engine & Fuel

Before the rapid-fire descriptions about fuel consumption figures, you should be thinking about the third fluid member of the family. Sure, the dual fuel feature steals the limelight, but that major selling point won’t be worth much if the portable generator lacks lubrication. First of all, don’t worry, for the engine is protected. There’s a low oil indicator located under the key ignition control on the far left of the control panel. Pairing up with that indicator, a low oil shutoff automatically stops the engine if the lubricant level is dangerously low.

Incidentally, this model does NOT ship with oil in the crankcase, so purchase a can of SAE 10W-30 before you take it for a test run. The oil capacity for the XP4850EH is 20 fluid ounces.

This is where your investment pays off, for this little beast features dual fuel adaptability. In other words, you can fill the 4-gallon fuel tank with gasoline. Just stop at a local gas station on your way to your offroad destination or work site. Alternatively, you have the option to fill her up with propane, a resource that’s simple to acquire when you’re camping. Remember, propane doesn’t go bad, not like standard gasoline, so you can store a few bottles on a shelf and know time is on your side. Since natural disasters are difficult to predict, this long shelf-life feature equips you with an on-hand fuel supply, so you’ll always be prepared for an emergency.

Better yet, natural gas burns slow, so expect 20-hours of bright lights and electrically generated comfort when you hook up a readily available BBQ tank. Incidentally, if a natural disaster does occur, the gas pumps are going to be hard to access. A line of vehicles will choke the fuel depot, so wouldn’t it be wonderful to skip that line entirely? Instead of shopping for hard-to-find gasoline during an emergency, pick up a few canisters of camping propane. Of course, should cheap gasoline be available, you can look forward to 8-hours of reliable power output. For true backup power during an emergency, this hybrid fuel solution could make all the difference in the world.

Please note, these fuel runtimes are based on a typical power loading scenario. You’d load this portable generator with fifty-percent of its full load to receive these extended output periods. If the backup unit is pushed harder, expect a subsequent reduction in those time-based figures.

Starting Mechanism

Don’t worry about fumbling for a manual start mechanism, not even when it’s 1 AM in the morning, because you can literally ignite the lights. Yes, the DuroMax XP4850EH is equipped with a key start ignitor, which means you’ll be activating this compact 7 horsepower, 4-stroke engine with the flick of a wrist. The OHV engine catches, roars to life, and spits out smoothly regulated current when the ignition key is turned. Effortless electric starting, courtesy of an onboard 12-Volt battery, is backed up by an incorporated recoil mechanism.

Included on the control panel, red and black terminals provide a 12-Volt DC charging port for the battery. Should the key start fizzle out, the battery can be charged at these terminals. Still, the provision of a reserve manual starter shows the manufacturer is covering every base. If that electric key start should fail, which is unlikely, then you’ll just switch over to the 1-pull manual recoil. And don’t distress yourself with thoughts of a tough manual start, for this is an E-Z-pull mechanism, something DuroMax has installed so that even a weak arm can get the portable generator purring away in no time at all.

Plugs & Control Panel

It used to be, in days gone by, that you needed an engineering background to operate a backup generator. Today, emergency blackout scenarios have ordinary folks shopping for their own portable power solutions. Purchased in case of an emergency or just to satisfy the needs of power-hungry recreational activity, the chosen model needs an easy to interpret control panel. The DuroMax XP4850EH delivers that important feature.

Dominating the control panel, an analog voltmeter displays the current output. To the left of that meter, large-print writing walks you through the dual-fuel feature. Further to the left, the electric key start control is waiting. Don’t turn it just yet, not until you’ve finished checking out the control panel. Next up, you’re looking at the plugs and electrical distribution section. On the far right, a chunky circuit breaker protects the output section. There’s two 120-Volt, 20-Amp sockets, one atop the other. They’re three-pronged outlets, as you’d expect. Further to the right, a 120-Volt/240-Volt twist lock outlet is on call for your heavier equipment. For power tools and large appliances, this lockable outlet supplies 30-Amps of quietly potent power.

Noise Level

Speaking of quiet, this backup power provider is designed to mute noise. Expect a 69-dB sound envelope when the machine settles into its rhythm. That’s something of a noise sweet spot, one that ensures sleep or an uninterrupted campfire ghost story. Of course, should you get too close to the operating machinery, the noise level will increase. But common sense dictates giving the machinery a little space to breathe, so it’s unlikely you’ll be disturbed, not unless the generator is pushed to the point that it’s fully loaded. Even then, the engine and alternator won’t produce an overly loud noise profile.

The oversized muffler fitted on the DuroMax XP4850EH is responsible for governing the exhaust noise. Included on that noise-stifling muffler, a built-in spark arrestor assures safe operational engine performance, even in the dried forest area. Again, the DuroMax engineers have gone the extra mile. The in-built spark arrestor is there to prevent combustion flashes from escaping the powerful air-cooled OHV engine, so this generator is outfitted with a highly desirable wildfire prevention feature. If your offroad or work activities are carried out during the drier summer months, that’s a very welcome feature indeed.

Parallel Operation

Don’t purchase this generator if you’re looking to double your power output, for this conventional engine/alternator type does not feature this particular capability. Just to re-empathize the point, you cannot hook a second DuroMax XP4850EH in parallel with your first unit. If you need more power, consider a portable generator with more Wattage or read up on Inverter Generators.


Expect to find this dual fuel portable generator for $588.25 from Amazon.com. Originally valued at $700, that’s a shade more than $111 less than the larger monetary figure. You can look high and low, into the darkest crevices of the internet, but you’re not going to find this versatile genny for much less than $500.

Available for:

Home Depot: $588.25
Amazon.com: $588.25
eBay.com: $499.99

Consider putting a little effort into exploring sites that have ongoing sales. Of course, buyer beware, you should play this game with a business-savvy attitude. Look for a full warranty, at the very least.

Otherwise, remember that this is not an inverter generator, so there’s no inbuilt computer for balancing the generated power waveforms. What you do have is a robust tubular steel frame, a tough engine in a cast-iron sleeve, and a vibration-dampening four-point mounting system. At the above price points, that’s a feature-rich package you’re buying.

What’s in The Box

Everything is assembled except for the wheels. Supported by a solid shipping block, the engine shouldn’t move, even if the package is coming from a thousand miles away. Next, you’re also provided with an assembly wrench, a screwdriver, a spark plug wrench, and a battery. That last item is obviously there to power your key start feature, so refer to the included operating manual for more information on this capability.

Finally, this tough tubular steel frame weighs in at a respectable 130-lbs, which is too heavy for all but the most musclebound camper to lift. Two people can comfortably shift it into place behind a cabin or work site, but why go through all of this back-breaking effort when there’s a set of wheels inside the box? If the next hurricane Katrina should come roaring out of the ocean, make sure those wheels are attached. You’ll also be glad of the bolt-on handle and the solid rubber wheels, complete with their shiny steel trim.


It’s the job of the toughened tubular steel chassis to physically protect all of those feature-rich components. In the same spirit of product guardianship, the Duromax Generator Warranty backs up that physical shield by extending certain documented assurances. Operate your newly acquired DuroMax XP4850EH with confidence, for it comes complete with a 30-day unit replacement warranty and a 1-year warranty on all parts.

Of course, the inclusion of this warranty isn’t an excuse to mistreat this high-wattage portable generator. Maintain the engine, change the oil, and check for clear airflow. Yes, this is a low-maintenance machine, so these maintenance routines won’t occupy all of your time, but they do need to be carried out if you’re to keep the equipment working at its best. Finally, do fill her up with gasoline at least once a month, because the seals inside the engine can become dry and brittle if the XP4850EH is operated exclusively on propane.

Pros and Cons


  • High-wattage output. Rated for 3850-kW running
  • Dual Fuel versatility. The engine runs on gasoline or propane
  • Features a primary electric start and a backup recoil start mechanism
  • Includes a low oil warning light and a low oil shutoff
  • Runs quietly due to an oversized muffler (69-dB)
  • Strong steel frame and solid rubber wheels


  • The dual fuel feature does nudge the price higher
  • Noise levels increase when a heavy load is applied
  • Not an inverter generator
  • This is not a CARB certified device

Customer Reviews

The savvy consumers on Amazon.com have their own opinions about the DuroMax XP4850EH. On the whole, those views are entirely positive. Still, there’s always a product-relevant point that pops up several times, one that deserves a mention. For instance, this portable generator is being picked up by folk who’ve spent time in disaster zones. They know, without doubt, that gasoline becomes a rare commodity after a hurricane or earthquake, so the option to use propane is viewed with some appreciation.

As for the nagging negatives, small though they are, they are mentioned. A loud noise output was reported by one consumer, although that complaint could be limited to this particular model. Perhaps the generator even requires a little break-in time to develop that quieter noise profile? The last niggling doubt concerns the 20-hour oil change period, which was considered a tad too short by several owners. Otherwise, the 5-star reviews adorn this popular generator with praise, which is just what you need when you’re shopping for that reliable hurricane season backup unit.


Even if you’re away from your home for a long weekend, you want to know you’re carrying a reliable portable electricity source, something that will just work at the press of a button or the twist of a key. Well, according to this review, and many others, that’s exactly what you’re getting here, with 3850-Watts of smoothly regulated power uncoiling from the depths of the equipment as soon as the key starter is turned.

Mounted within the ruggedly armoured metal frame, the air-cooled 7 HP OHV engine sips gasoline or propane while generating 3850-Watts of running electrical power. And, as every generator or camping expert should know, that propane has the longer shelf-life, plus it’s an easier fuel to locate during an emergency. Did we forget the running time for the propane? Well, expect 20-hours of lights and large-appliance power when a high-capacity propane tank is coupled to the XP4850EH. That beats the 8-hour gasoline runtime.

From a practical standpoint, you have the tools to assemble this portable generator as soon as it’s unboxed. Out in the field, the oil may need changing if you’re operating the gear for an extended period, so do pay attention to the low-oil indicator. But feel a sense of peace settle onto your shoulders, too, for this deceptively powerful portable generator (Nearly two-foot square) is designed to satisfy any conceivable power outage scenario. If you’re camping, enjoy compact power provision, enough to power a medium-sized air conditioner or a fridge/freezer combo. But if you’re preparing for a disaster, know that you’re stored Duromax XP4850EH generator has the goods to deliver big time, especially when it’s stored with a bank of propane canisters.

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  1. just tried my 4850 duromax generator, the main trips at 15 amps (measured with fluke amp meter by licensed electrician). bought at home depot recently.

  2. One issue is oil change intervals.
    For some reason my manual called for 25 hrs. oil changes. Endless to say that seems low. I called duromax and they confirmed the schedule was set by the factory. Other units have much longer oil change schedules!
    Spend a few dollars and get a trickle charger for the battery.
    Otherwise the unit does what it claims!

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