Portable Generator Cover

One of the greatest inventions of all time is the portable generator. Although used for many things, it has been especially effective in areas when electricity is often interrupted by storms or other problems. When using this gas-powered engine, its power outlets make it easy to also use for electric-powered tools, extension cords and other things that usually require electricity.

When a gas fueled generator is correctly covered it is protected from rust and other damage. This means that it can be used for many years before having to be replaced. That makes it important to select a portable generator cover that is durable and will offer good protection for the unit. The following generator covers are available on Amazon.

Generator covers are classified in four different categories:

Basic Cover for Storage

Classic Accessories 79537 Generator Cover is a choice for those who just want a basic cover. It is a designed for a large generator, up to 7,000 watts and measures 31.25”L x 23”W x 19.25” high. It is also available in a medium size.

This cover advertises a one year warranty and has openings for generators that have handles. Its weather-X fabric has a backing that is water-resistant and has maximum strength. It provides protection on and off the job from abrasions, snow, sun damage, rain, birds, tree sap and dust.

Large sizes are closed with rip-and-grip tabs while an elastic hem cord keeps the medium cover in place. It should be noted that this unit does not cover the wheels. This is a very inexpensive cover which is equally effective for storage or on-the-job use.

Waterproof Cover for Storage

Porch Shield 38 x 28 x 30 inch 100% Waterproof Universal Generator Cover X-Large is an excellent portable generator cover that is constructed of 600D polyester fabric with a water-resistant laminated undercoating added. This cover also has 100% waterproof sealing tape which assures that no water can penetrate the cover.

The Porch Shield cover is constructed with two layers of fabric on one side to make it secure and weather resistant while keeping it ventilated. A custom fit is achieved with a bottom strap, an elastic hem cord and Velcro at all four inside corners. This not only keeps the cover secure but is especially effective during high winds.

Manufacturers include a square of material to be used as a patch, if needed. It is advertised to “Protect generator from rain, snow, UV rays, dust, tree sap and birds”. This cover is only available in tan, comes with a 3-year warranty and is reasonably priced.

The Basic Option That Fits All Running Generations

American Basics Pop-Up Canopy Tent 10 x 10 Foot. One does not think of a tent in regards to a portable generator cover, however this tent offers cover from the sun or rain when the generator is running. This unit is relatively inexpensive and is advertised as providing 99% UV protection from the sun’s harmful rays. Stored in a wheeled bag, it is easy to transport from one location to another. It has a high quality steel frame, covered with a white powder coat the resists rust, chipping, peeling or corrosion.

Providing 96 square feet of shade, this tent is convenient for using your generator in heat or rain while providing protection for you as well as your unit. A cathedral style roof allows plenty of headroom so, if you are tall, it provides you with a shelter when working on or using your generator.

The More Expensive Option That Fits Most Generators

Gentent Wet Weather Safety Canopy for Running Portable Generators – TanLight StormBracer Edition. This particular portable generator cover is advertised as “Safe while running in wet weather by protecting the Electrical Panels, from any angle, including Blizzard and Hurricane force precipitation”. This is an important factor if you live in an area that has a record of bad weather.

This excellent generator cover protects the top but does not enclose the entire generator. This means that the generator can be run with the cover in place.

The manufacturer states that this adds a “natural cool”, which is not provided by full cover generator enclosures. This canopy has mounting brackets, supporting rods and a waterproof cover which allows good ventilation of the generator. It has received 4 star reviews from customers and has been used in many hurricanes, floods and other disasters throughout the country where generators took the place of electricity.

A portable generator is an investment that provides electricity, in case of a blackout, or power for your tools. Protecting this investment is just as important as protecting other items in your possession. This means that, regardless of the type of generator cover you choose, it is important to keep this machinery dry and protected from the weather. All covers have waterproofing of some type, which is designed for protection from nature’s elements.

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